Social Media Platform for 20th Century Technology

Many companies want to become a social business but find that their existing IT systems, infrastructure and databases are holding them back. We can integrate:

  • Twitter from 3270 terminals
  • Facebook on Palm Pilots
  • iTunes running on a HP Calculator
  • and more!

Excite Your Employees!

No more complaints about not being able to connect with their friends at work, play Farmville or look at pictures of their neighbors. Your employee productivity might decrease, but when they’re working, they’ll be happier.

Save Money!

No need to upgrade to fancy GUI-based desktops and expensive Microsoft Office Applications. Use that old, fully depreciated hardware and software until it completely falls apart.

Leapfrog the Competition!

Your IT organization will now be seen as cutting edge and will no longer be laughed at in next year’s Oracle OpenWorld.

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